The site is divided into 6 main sections:
1. home page
2. company (company profile, legal notes)
3. products (divided for brand)
4. promo (catalogues, news and video gallery)
5. support (customer service dedicated section)
6. contacts

The "header”
It 's always present during the web browsing, and it is composed by the company's logo, the 6 main sections menu, a search box and the selected language (IT/ EN). Just below, on the right, there are the access to the registerd area and a tool to change the font size.
The "footer"
As for the “header” even the "footer" is always available during the web navigation, granting an  immediate access to each section of the website thanks to the map.
In the "footer", 5 logos, right-aligned, indicates the possibility to send by email, print, or "post" on the main social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+) the contents of the displayed page.

All links are identified by the underline that appears under the word and by color change that occurs when you move the mouse over them. All of them have a 'title' that contains a description of the link destination. The links that lead to external websites contain the words 'go to the external site'.
All the pictures contains a  dedicated description of the image ('alt).

Suggested bowser for an optimal visualisation
The website viewing is optimized for the latest versions of the following browsers:
- Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox
We suggest to set the screen resolution to 1024 x 768. However, an adjustment to 1280 X 1024 ensures even better visualisation.

The website contains elements that can be viewed only if you have the plug-in on:
- Adobe Flash player (allows to view animations created with Adobe Flash)
- Adobe Acrobat Reader (allows to view any “pdf” documents)