The fun just keeps on coming! Elit Light, welcome to the family…

19 July 2018

The fun just keeps on coming for TRIBE, DAD, PROTRUSS and the rest of the family as Elit Light / Sound Technologies have just been appointed as the official distributor for Turkey joining existing distributor of PROLIGHTS - HEC.

Pictured above, Unsal Cakir – Sales Director (left) and Emre Defne – Managing Director (right), are a great fit for the family that just seems to keep on growing. “TRIBE is a fantastic line full of innovative and reliable products and we are really excited to get our hands on it. The robust nature and clarity of the DAD range have really surprised us and we expect to see (or hear as the case may be) great things from it!”

Elit Light / Sound Technologies have a great reputation in Turkey having worked on a variety of projects from the HSBC HQ and the Volkswagen Arena Istanbul right through to the Babylon tour.

Working closely with long standing friend and International Sales and Marketing Manager Jeroen Carette, the team hope to throw their all into showing the Turkish market just what they’ve been missing.

Carette explains that “they are a great bunch of guys, I’ve known them for a very long time now and their expertise is a great fit for us. They really do fit the bill of ‘premium distributor’ and we are really looking forward to this adventure together.”