PROLIGHTS MOSAICO goes eco with ‘Pop Up Bike Parking’

05 April 2019

An innovative new scheme has been launched in the eco-friendly Dutch city of Nijmegen. As is a well-known fact around the world, the Netherlands is home to an impressive bicycle population. Acknowledging this, Nijmegen sought to invest in technologies to integrate bicycle-related services into the everyday streets. This scheme sought to identify areas within the city that members of the public could store, park or leave their bicycles at night in an effort to decongest streets littered with bicycles causing unnecessary congestion and delays.

MOSAICO projectors with custom made gobos were selected due to their waterproof and versatile housing. Featuring a 250W high-power LED engine, the city of Nijmegen was confident this fixture would be bright and durable enough to battle the elements and were installed throughout the city. Triggered by remote timers, a green illuminated ‘P’ and bicycle allows a person to park their bicycle at that location.

PROLIGHTS distributors for the Netherlands, Distrixs were commissioned to complete this project due to their previous working relationship and attention to detail. Rolf Schild, Distrixs Director commented “The project was an interesting one. Our cities are becoming so crowded and bikes are increasingly being left everywhere.

The MOSAICO was perfect for this project as the robust housing is completely reliable and will stand the test of our weather! The fixture is highly reliable and I couldn’t recommend another in its place that would match the mighty output and hard-waring-ness”

This “pop up bike parking” scheme has already reduced congestion in the centre and the powerful MOSAICO has proven its worth as the fixture of choice in the event of an expansion into other areas!